An Assessment of Factors Affecting Tvet Trainees’ Certificate of Competence Result; the Case of Ldeta Manufacturing College and Tegbared Poly Technical College

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the factors affecting TVET trainees’ certificate of competence result taking; the cases of Lideta Manufacturing College and Tegbared Poly Technical College. The aim was to investigating the factor that cause low performance of trainees in COC assessment in lideta Manufacturing College and Tegibared Polytechnic Colleges in which the two colleges were selected as the study area. In order to develop detail conceptual framework, literatures were reviewed and analyzed. Descriptive study was employed to: assess the placement of trainees in relation to their interests and capacity to pass COC exam, assess the availability and utilization of facilities and instruction materials, evaluate the training process conducted during the implementation phase, evaluate how the management body performs its role for the accomplishment of the established policies and strategies of the training program, evaluate the contribution of cooperative training, and assess the results of trainees and possible reasons for their low performance in COC exam. The study revealed that some trainees were assigned to the field of studies in which they do not prefer to be trained, shortage as well as underutilization of training materials, excluding relevant courses from some field of studies, high turnover of trainers, skill deficiency of trainers and the management body. Though TVET program is designed to provide the necessary skilled manpower for the economy, the actual performance of the program failed to achieve its objectives due to misplacement of trainees, underutilization of available human and non-human resources, and lack of competent management body. Therefore the FTA (Federal TVET Agency) is required to give great emphasis at the practical area of the training program besides to the development of policies and strategies.



An Assessment of Factors Affecting Tvet Trainees’ Certificate