Performance Evaluation and Optimization of supply chain distribution of the Lubricant The case of Total Ethiopia Company

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Addis Ababa University


The study was aimed at evaluating and improving the supply chain distribution of lubricants in general, and Total Ethiopian Share Company in particular in a qualitative and quantitative survey. The research has identified the challenges facing the supply chain and analyzed the extent to which the challenges have affected the performance of the supply chain distribution of lubricants. The findings showed that challenges facing the performances of the supply chain distribution of the lubricants were due to shortage of foreign currency, Inventory counting practice, ware housing and transportation. The researcher has identified the trends in warehousing operations, the nature of the relationship between inventory counting practices and warehousing operations. In addition to this the research indicated how the transport system, inventory counting practice and ware housing system influenced the customer services level and delivery cost. On other hand the study indicated option to overcome the challenges observed in supply chain distributions. Finally, the research has recommended how to benefit from opportunities and overcome the challenges as well as the optimization of the supply chain distributions



Lubricant, Supply chain management, performance evaluation, improvement, inventory counting, warehousing, transportation