An Investigation of the Practice of Teaching Listening at Primary Level: the Case of Two Government Schools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted with the objective of investigating the practice of teaching listening comprehension. The study was carried out in two Grade 7 government primary schools found in Addis Ababa in the academic year 2008. Three English language teachers and eighty students were subjects of the study. Data were collected using questionnaires, observation and content analysis. Three of the teachers (two teachers from Eshet and a teacher from Dejazamch Umer Semeter) who were teaching English in Grade 7 completed the questionnaire. A questionnaire was also distributed to the students and eighty of them responded to the items. Three of the teachers were observed (each four times) while they were teaching listening to see how they were implementing listening. The information gathered from the classroom observations was checked against the questionnaires. From the sixteen units available in English for Grade 7, four units were randomly selected and analyzed using a check list for the consumption of this study. Then, responses given to questionnaires and the findings of the classroom observations were analyzed using frequency and percentage. The findings revealed that teachers failed to implement fully the teaching of listening according to the procedures and techniques favored by the teachers’ book and scholars of ELT. Finally, based on the findings, it was recommended that teachers should get training related to the newly published grade 7 text book. Teachers, on their part, should work hard to prepare supplementary materials and address the interest of their students in teaching listening. The material writers should also revisit the texts and activities prepared for teaching listening to make them engaging and interesting so that students can make use of the listening lessons to achieve the target of learning language.



Teaching Listening at Primary Level