Design of Variable Speed Vibrating Plate Soil Compactor

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Addis Ababa University


When soil is dug up or moved, it becomes aerated and loses some of its density. It must be compacted or allowed to settle before a structure (house, buildings, roads etc.) is built on top of it. Potholes in roads, sinkholes in parking lots, and severe cracking or settling in foundations are very often the result of a poorly compacted base. Now a day’s different compactor machine are used to compact different soil texture. Each compaction machines are designed to compact for specific type of soil. The motive of this research is to design variable speed vibrating plate soil compactor that can bring uniform compactness and can increase the load bearing capacity of different soil texture. This thesis research focuses on design of variable speed vibrating plate compactor, which has the property and characteristics of four deferent compactor machines such as sheep’s foot roller, smooth wheel roller, rammer and vibrating plate compactor. Therefore it will avoid selecting of different compaction machine for different soil texture to bring uniform soil compactness. If this design finally be manufactured, it will work for any kind of soil texture and save space, time, and cost to bring uniform soil compactness even if soil texture is different from distance to distance. In this thesis research there are best solutions principles based on weighted objective method for different components of the variable speed vibrating plate compactor and choose different best option by computing based on different criteria. This thesis research has addressed detail design of different components of variable speed vibrating plate compactor such as design of Rotating shaft, Hydraulically controlled variable eccentricity Eccentric Rotating Mass, gear, Pulley, Belt, springs, Vibration Isolator (Damper) and Hydraulically controlled variable surface Vibrating Plate, selection bearings, pump and prime mover And also indicted the vibration analysis and vibration response of the machine to soil damping and spring constants. Variable speed vibrating plate compactor has the ability of maximum efficiency to compact 100m2 areas within 600second on single trip which is within acceptable range of compaction time when it compared with exiting compaction machine.. The estimated total market cost is 223,314 birr which is relatively low-priced since it replaces four different compactor machines.



Mechanical design