Aspects Of Ethiopian Culture As Reflected In Ethiopian Children's Literature In English

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopian children's literature is an area that has not been given much attention for long even though it has a long history in Ethiopian literature. Researching this area started in 1994 for the first time, that only focuses on Ethiopian children's literature in Amharic. But this research draws attention to Ethiopian children's literature in English. The overall focus of this study is to examine the cultural aspects reflected in Ethiopian children's literature in English whether in their wording or illustration. To attend to this objective the study collected data from Ethiopian children's fiction in English and made a combined analysis of textual and descriptive analysis. The data comprises extracts and illustrations from the fictions. The study reveals that there are some major Ethiopian cultural aspects depicted in Ethiopian children's literature in English. These major cultural aspects are social roles, norms, beliefs, material culture, customs and language. In addition, symbolic cultural elements were expressed genuinely even though the Ethiopian culture has its own symbol of expressing its artifacts and other aspects of Ethiopian culture. The study also reveals that children's literature uses the illustrations more than the wordings to reflect the cultural elements. The study consists of four chapters; the introduction, a review of literature, analysis, and summary and conclusion. The introductory section deals with the background of the study, the statement of the problem, the scope and the study methods. The review of literature section gives a conceptual framework on culture and children's literature. Moreover, it reviews related studies in this particular study topic. The third chapter makes a brief discussion on the cultural aspects in selected children's fiction in English. The last section comprises the summary of the whole analysis and the conclusion that is driven from it



Ethiopian Culture As Reflected in Ethiopian Children's