Knowledge and Practice Assessment of Active Manegement Third Stage of Labor Among Obstetric Care Providers At Selected Government Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2017

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Addis Ababa University


Back ground: The third stage of labor is considered to be the most hazardous stage for the birthing woman due to the risk of profuse hemorrhage. Over 90% of women who die of postpartum hemorrhage, the most important cause is uterine atony, there is severe lack of knowledge, skill and practice among attendant at birth needs toward the third stage of labor, as well as access to required supplies and equipment Objective: To assess the Knowledge and Practice of Obstetric Care Providers on active management third stage of labor at selected government hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2017. Methods: Institution based cross sectional study design was conducted from March to April 2017 among Obstetric Care Providers at selected government hospital in Addis Ababa, Convenience sampling method were carried out. The questionnaires have closed ended questions and which covers socio demographic information, knowledge, and practice of obstetric care providers on active management of third stage of labor. It was in English language and completeness checked, coded and entered into Epi-Data version 3.1 and analyzed using SPSS version 22. Confidence interval 95% and P-Value 50% Result: From the total of 136 participants the response rate was 135(99.3%). 90(66.7%) had overall good knowledge. qualification of the respondents was significantly associated to knowledge; interns are 5.5 times more likely knowledgeable than residents. were as Sex is significantly associated with practice. Females are 2.56 times more likely associated than males Conclusion: Results from this study showed poor Knowledge and practice of obstetric care providers towards AMTSOL. Almost half of the respondents had poor knowledge and more than half are with poor practice. Therefore, extensive training and supervision should be provided to all obstetric care providers especially those who have done at labor and delivery unit to public hospital Key words: Active Management Third Stage of Labor, Knowledge, Practice, Obstetric Care Providers



Active Management Third Stage of Labor, Knowledge, Practice, Obstetric Care Providers.