Assessment on Ethics of Advertising in Ethiopian Television Amharic Program

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Addis Ababa University


Advancement in technology has expanded the number of television options advertisers can use fO deliver their me age to audiences. Advertising ethics as a terminology wa characterized as an oxymoron. Yet companies do not have to compromise in being ethical or profitable, but the ideal situation would be to combine both elements. For adverti ing to be effective, consumers must have confidence in it. So continued deception, as it eems common in ETV promotion, is self-defeating. Thi research is aimed at investigating Television Advertising in Ethiopia with special emphasis to ethics of Advertising. This study ha some purposes like, to provide information in The area at least to encourage other re earchers, and to help advertisers change their view of ads on their ethical ide and making them less deceitful and ethically sound, and also to help Ethiopian television program editors to evaluate messages emphasizing on their ethical soundness. Descriptive study for the assessment of ethics on television advertising has been conducted by using questionnaire and interview as major data collection instruments. Accordingly, the study reveals that ETVads have been conducted with out any strong regulations and considering ethics of adverlisement ha not got the necessary attention. The study also indicates most advertising agencies enter to the advertising business just for the sake of obtaining income without any knowledge in the area. As a result most of the advertisements transmitted in Ethiopian television do not fulfill the ethical standards of advertising since they are exaggerated and are full of deceitful information. Based on this indication, the study concludes that there are problems of Ethics in ETV resultedfrom many factors. Finally the study recommends some solutions to be practiced by the government to enact strong code of conduct, advertising agencies and customers of ETV to minimize the violation of ethics of adverting by providing training for agencies and consulting contemporary theories on advertising which are most applicable for internationaL media and adapting it to Ethiopian context.



Ethiopian Television Amharic Program