Practices and Challenges of Employee Relations in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This research work is designed to assess practices and challenges of employee relations of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). It is assumed to provide the objectives of identifying the current practices and challenges of employee relations in order to create awareness among employees about employee relations as well as to look at gaps concerning communication gap, knowledge gap and fairness among employees in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The following questions were raised and addressed: what are the current practices and challenges of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and major challenges that hinders effective relationship among employees, how much the management and employees understand the employee relations to the objectives of the bank. Descriptive research design was used to obtain precise and pertinent information based on current status. So, the researcher selected descriptive research design the most appropriate. Due to the nature of the research, it is useful to capture the best of both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Therefore, the mixed approach was used and the most appropriate for this study. In order to determine the sample size out of the total population of 1318 three of the sampling technics were used such as simple random sampling, stratified sampling and systematic random sampling technics in order to get the sample size of 172. To gather information for the study, both interviews and questionnaires with close ended as well as document analysis were used. On the basis of the data analysis, the majority of the respondents expressed their agreement on the practices of employee relations such as team work, trust and confidence, relationship between management and employees and communication between management and employees. Whereas, the majority of the respondents expressed their disagreement concerning fairness and adequate knowledge among employees as a major challenge in CBE



communication, employee relations