Numerical Simulation of Moment and Lateral Load Resisting Capacity of Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Column with Bundle Bars

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Addis Ababa University


This study aims at modeling and analyze moment and lateral load resisting capacity of rectangular reinforced concrete column with bundled bars. Four different arrangements of reinforcing bars are considered in this research: the first case was column with uniformly disturbed longitudinal bars along with the four faces 20Ø16 (conventional one), the second case, column with 2Ø16 bars bundled between the corner bars on four faces and 3Ø16 bars bundled at the corners, the third case, column with 1Ø16 bar between the corner bars on four faces and 4Ø16 bars bundled at the corners, and the fourth case for this paper was column with one bar at the center of the faces and 1Ø32 bar at the corner equivalent to the 4Ø16 bundled bars. For all cases axial load vs. moment capacity were determined using interaction curve for different strain profile and also lateral deformation by applying static lateral load. Finite Element modeling of such analysis requires the determination of the nonlinear properties of each component in the structure, quantified by nodal displacement, global forces, section forces, and deformation capacities. A pushover analysis is performed on two dimensional cantilevered reinforced concrete column using Opensees and the results of the four different cases the inelastic behavior of the structural model are extracted and compared respectively. It was found that column with bundled bars have higher moment resisting capacity; and from the comparison of lateral force vs. displacement and axial force vs deformation relationship it is observed that columns with bundled bars have higher lateral load resisting capacity.



Lateral Load, Reinforced Concrete, Concrete Column, Bundle Bars, Numerical Simulation