Factors Affecting School Principal‟S Job-satisfaction of Government Primary Schools in Holata City of Oromia State, Ethiopia

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The purpose of the study was concerned with studying the factors affect job-satisfaction of government primary school principals in Holata city of Oromia state, accomplish to this purpose the study employed descriptive survey. The study carried out under selected eight government primary schools of Holata city. A total of 254 were participated in the study. Among them 98 teachers about 50 0/0 were included as a sample through sample random sampling technique especially lottery method. Additionally 28 primary school leaders (8 principals,8 vice principals,8 unit leader and 4 supervisors),40 students council,88 PTA/board members of eight government tprimary schools of holata city were selected through available sampling technique. The questionnaire and focus group discussion was the main instrument of data collection. The analysis of the quantitative data was carried out by using percent and mean.While data obtained through close ended questions. The results of the study suggested that the low status of the principal job-satisfaction. in personal qualification, challenge of low motivation of the school principals.challeng of School environment, low interrelationship of principals with stakeholders, low demographic characteristics of principals, low student result are among the factors affecting school principal’s job satisfaction Finally, the study come up with the following recommendations: motivate and give train for school principals, develop school level policy and guidelines, design a strategy to ensure sustainable stakeholders participation and relationship to creating fundraising activities, building school supportive culture and supervision, increasing parent and students participation to promote teaching and learning process, fulfill of school facilities and change students result in order to develop education quality and other problems mentioned.