Dimension and Radio Planning of WiMAX Network for Advanced Real-Time Two-Way Communication Services: Case of Addis Ababa-to-Djibouti

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Addis Ababa University


Currently track circuit system is used for train controlling and signaling along Ethio-Djibouti railway line. However, track circuit system has a lot of limitations such as low data rate, narrow bandwidth, malfunction in bad weather and low reliability. Train control system is crucial issue that needs improvement in selected railway corridor. On other hand adopting entertainments for passengers will add a value for the company (Ethiopian Railway Corporation). This thesis work analyze, design and dimension the WiMAX network for advanced real-time two-way communications services for the case of Addis-to-Djibouti. The main significance of WiMAX network for the selected route is attaining robust train control system and providing fast enough communication for passengers, real-time services for stations and on board controllers, and etc... The study attempted in order to address the need to invest on more communication speed levels in Ethiopia and future available upgrade options from under construction system. In addition, levels of safety standards and train control technology are investigated by comparing with other communication systems. The research objectives endeavored by identifying series of steps towards achieving the best communication system along the selected route which can provide wide bandwidth. This will result safe, efficient and competitive transportation system. The study mainly focus on WiMAX network coverage and capacity calculation in order to get appropriate position for transmitters (BTS) along the selected route. The numerical and simulation results offer a best mobile broadband network for different purposes on the specific transportation system such as train control, signaling, online ticketing, real time multimedia, online gaming and downloading. The study methodologies selected are qualitative, quantitative and analytical data analysis methods and similarly data presentation methods of the study include, not exclusively; graphs, charts, tabular formation and in words. Finally computer aided simulation have done by using Atoll software and matlab. The scope of the research outlined is discussion concerning only the components of railroad infrastructure which are both technical and non-technical in their nature. The final outputs of the study are documented series of technical measures that will enable Ethiopian rail service to boost its communication system speed.



Mobile Broadband communication Architecture, Railway, WiMAX, IEEE802.6