The Effect Of employee Motivation On Employees’ performance: A Case Study Of ethio Telecom, Customer Services Division, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Motivation is stated as one of the most important contributor for high performance in a company. Organizations design motivation systems to encourage employees to perform in the most effective way. The key to create efficient motivation system is an answer to the question what really motivate employees. The general objective of this research is to study the impact of Ethio telecom motivational packages on employees’ performance in Ethio Telecom Customer Services Division.Thedescriptive research design was employed for the study. Stratified sampling method was used to select departments. To select respondents simple random sampling is usedTo this end, mixed method was employed to collect and analyze data. The data collecting instruments werequestionnaire and interview. To analyze the data, descriptive statistic such as mean, percent and standarddeviation were computed. Moreover, inferential statistics of correlationanalysis, regression analysisand ANOVAanalysis with a .05 alpha level employed to test for statistical significance. The finding of this study also showed that both financial and non-financial motivator motivated employee, however financial reward is more motivator than non-financial reward.In conclusion, financial rewards docontribute more for employee performance than non-financial rewards. Moreover, further in depth investigation of the problem is recommended.



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