Design and Development of Public Health Record Collection System Using Mms

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Addis Ababa University


Mobile technology is playing a great role in communication and service delivery to users. Currently it is capable of providing voice calls, messaging services and more. With the help of messaging services, text, image, audio can be sent from a mobile subscriber to another mobile subscriber or to a third party application. Messaging services such as SMS and MMS are also applicable in data collection and remote monitoring in different domain. Such applications are developed and used in health data collection and remote patient monitoring. In this project, MMS-based data collection is designed and developed for remote data collection to support the current data collection task of diseases surveillance activity in Ethiopia. In the project, the current workflow and procedure of data collection in disease surveillance and reporting were studied. In the current system, since data collection is done using paper forms, data reporting and analysis takes much time. To overcome this limitation, MMS-based data collection application was designed and a prototype is developed. Keyword: MMS-based data collection, Disease surveillance, Multimedia Messaging Service



MMS-Based Data Collection; Disease Surveillance; Multimedia Messaging Service