Determinant Factors Affecting Employees’ job performance in Wegagen Bank S.C

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this research was to examine the determinant factors affecting employees’ job performance in the case of Wegagen Bank S.C. In the Implementing of these internal practices the bank faced a problem of formal follow up after training was conducted; inequitable salary and unfair promotion; and limitation in participating employee in decision making. Data was gathered from Head Office and 36 Addis Ababa city branches. The research is quantitative research approach using Cross sectional survey method and the researcher have used sample size determination table and stratified sampling method was employed to select the sample from each stratum to make the sample more representative of the population. Descriptive and inferential statistics of correlation and regression analysis were used to analyze the empirical data. Primary data were collected using five Point Likert-Scale questionnaires 191 responses were properly filled and returned. SPSS was used to analyze empirical data collected through the close ended questionnaire. The independent variables are training, motivation, leadership, organizational culture and working environment whereas the dependent variable is employees’ job performance. The mean, frequency and percentile of the dependent and independent variables were computed and interpreted. Pearson correlation Coefficient (r) was used to determine the relationship between each independent variable with the dependent variable. The finding results indicated that the mean value for motivation (mean=2.86),leadership (mean=2.94), organizational culture (mean=2.99), and working environment (mean=2.87) were below average which indicate that there was limitation in implementing this practice in Wegagen Bank. The correlation result indicated that there were positive relationship between all of independent variables and the dependent variable, rejecting all null hypotheses. This implies that any increase or decrease on the independent variable will bring corresponding change on employees’ job performance. And it’s found that the independent variables has a 30.1% influence on the dependent variable while the remaining 69.9% is influenced by factors which are not covered in this study. Hence, the Wegagen Bank should periodically review its practice on motivation, leadership, organizational culture, and working environment in order to improve the limitation and to identify its effectiveness on employees’ job performance. Keywords: Training, Motivation, Leadership, Organizational culture, Working Environment, and Employees’ Job Performance



Training, Motivation, Training, Motivation, Organizational culture, Working Environment, Employees, Job Performance