The Relationships Among Students' Adjustment to College, Assertiveness and Academic Self Efficacy, for Undergraduate Second Year Students at Addis Ababa University

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Addis Ababa Universty


The relationships amollg studellts' adjustmellt to college, assertiveness alld academic Selfefficacy, for ulUiergraduate secolld year studellts at Addis Ababa ul1iversity The present study examined the relationship among students' adjustment to college, academic self efficacy and assertiveness among 283 (J 7.2% of 1642) randomly selected second year students (Male, N= 219 and Female, N= 64) in the College of Educatian. An adapted Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire (Baker & Siryk, 1989), the Rathus Assertiveness Schedule (Rathus, 1973) and the College Academic Self efficacy Scale (Owen and Froman, 1988) were employed to tap the aforementioned beliefs. The study Jound statistically significant relationships among Studen.ts adjustment to college, assertiveness and academic self efficacy Jor Addis Ababa university second year undergraduate students in the College oj Education. It also Jound out that academic self efficacy was a better predictor (accounts Jor 52.9% oJthe variance) oJstudent' adjustment to college compared to assertiveness (accounts Jor1 9.36% oj the variance) while together they explained 54.5% oj the variance in students ' adjustment to college. The implication oj these jindings to university education in particular and educational practices in general was discussed. Furthermore, directions Jor jitrther research were presented.