WAP for Ethiopic Content an application for Accessing Marketing Information

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Addis Ababa University


Accessing current and accurate information being any where at anytime is becoming a growing interest nowadays. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is an application protocol that creates an opportunity to access information of an interest from WAP servers using mobile phones. WAP supports a UTF-8 encoding, which can be used for developing a multilingual WAP pages. In this work, the necessary standards, tools and configuration requirements for Ethiopic WAP content development are identified and studied. As a result of this study we observed that WAP technology could be applicable for information delivery in Ethiopic content on mobile phones. To demonstrate the result of this work, we have developed a WAP application for agricultural market information delivery in Amharic language. Key words: WAP for Ethiopic, WAP based Marketing Information, WAP localization, WAPE, XHTML MP for Ethiopic



WAP for Ethiopic, WAP Based Marketing Information, WAP Localization, WAPE, XHTML MP for Ethiopic