Perceptions, Practices and Challenges of Student Assessment In Ethiopian Police University College

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The main purpose of the study was to assess the perceptions, practices and challenges of student assessment Ethiopian Police University College. This study employed case research design and used both quantitative and qualitative research approach to describe the existing situation in the study area. Random and purposive sampling techniques were used to select the research participants. In this study 93 instructors, 230 students and 10 key informants totally 333 participants were participated. The sources of data were both primary and secondary data and the data collecting instruments were questionnaire, semi-structured interview, document analysis and observation. Frequency and percentage, and thematic analysis were used to analyze quantitative and qualitative data respectively. The result showed that the practice of student assessment in EPUC is very low. Most of instructors have miss perception on the purpose and stage of assessment. Majority of instructors integrate multiple choices, true false questions, short answer questions, assignments, group discussion and presentation in their assessment practice, but they did not integrate other assessment methods such as peer and self-assessment, oral, practical assessment in their assessment methods. The study also revealed that lack of professional development, large class size, shortage of instructional time, lack of support, lack of instructional materials, lack of commitment, lack of follow-up, lack of assessment guideline and miss use of teachers professional ethics were the major challenges hindering the practices of student assessment. To solve problems related to student assessment practice, it is recommended that the University College should provide continuous professional development training, provide assessment guideline, revise active curriculum, instructors should integrate varieties of assessment techniques and the university college should create competitive academic environments to improve the quality of education through effective teaching and assessment practices.



assessment, perception, practice, challenges