Assessment of Employee Performance Management System (A case study of Ethio-Telecom)

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Addis Ababa University


Performance management systems is always a big concern of any organization. An organization should manage its human resources effectively and efficiently by creating alignment between the overall strategic aims of the company with individual and team goals in order to overcome the present and future challenges. The main purpose of this study is to assess employees Performance Management system of Ethio telecom. Particularly, the study tried to address the basic questions of how Ethio- Telecom creates understanding of its EPMS to its employees, to what extent employees of Ethio- Telecom participate in the performance management process, to what extent the performance management feedback communicate to employees in Ethio-Telecom and For what purpose Ethio- Telecom use the performance evaluation results. To achieve this objective, a review of relevant literature was done, and primary data was collected using a Likert scale. questionnaire format administered to 122 respondents and data analysis was carried out using descriptive analysis. Some findings also discovered such as: Ethio-Telecom has a good culture in creating awareness on its mission, vision and objectives, Performance management system is not fair and transparent, there is participation in performance management process but not satisfactory specially in supervisory level, feedback is communicated to employees on the strength and weakness area which needs improvement but not on time, Senior managers have limited knowledge to carry out the performance evaluation and the organization used the Performance Management results more for administrative purpose than any other purposes. The study concluded to get positive result from the system there must be a well-planned, fair and transparent employee performance management system. The study also recommended that employee should participate in the organization goal and objectives setting process in order to perform the task effectively and efficiently. And the company should provide a continuous training program for management members to enable them effectively to carry out the performance Evaluation



Performance management system, human resources, feedback