Teaching and Learning Styles at the Graduate Programs of Addis Ababa University

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Addis Ababa University


The present study was conducted to find out the teaching and learning styles at the Graduate programs of AAU. Descriptive survey design was used to assess the teaching and learning styles at the graduate programs of AAU. The subjects in this study were 100 graduate students and 50 instructors teaching in the graduate program. Simple random techniques were used to select the graduate students and instructors. Data were collected through questionnaire, document analysis and structured interview. For better understanding of the situation a mixed method was employed with an emphasis on triangulation desigll. The mean value, frequency, percentage, independent t-test and multiple regressions were used to analyze data quantitatively and qualitative data were analyzed qualitatively by the interpretation and description of the respondent's ideas. The finding of the study showed that there was learning style difference between male and female graduate students. It was found out that tactile types of learning style was a learning style of the majority of Graduate students and Delegator types of teaching style was a teaching style of the majority of instructors. The study also showed that there was significant mean difference between teaching style due to teaching experience and age in the sampled institutions. The mean difference was found out between types of learning styles and types of teaching style that are adopted in the sampled institutions. Based on the findings of this study, it's recommended that teaching style should be improved in such a way that students are encouraged in questioning, creative thinking and problem solving and also its recommended that salary should be revised and upgrade in order to make teaching an attractive Profession and also make the instructor motivatedfor the job.



Teaching and Learning Styles at the Graduate Programs