Assessment Of Turnover Intention: The Case Of Strong Heart Development And Capacity Building Project

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to asses factors affecting employee turnover intention in nongovernmental organization in Addis Ababa, case of Strong Heart Development and Capacity Building Project. The study sought to determine why employees leave their organizations or companies. There is no doubt that turnover is costly; thus, it is important to understand what leads to such a phenomenon. Basic questions ie main factors for employees to leave their jobs, and the consequence of employee turnover on the organization’s service were asked. Is it job satisfaction? Is it employee compensation? is it workload? Is it relationship between employee and management? Or career development? The study employed quantitative and qualitative research design methods. Since the number of the study population was manageable, the census method has been employed in the study and the entire population was the subject of study Thus, survey, interview, and document review were used to gather the data. Descriptive analysis and inferential statistics were employed in the analysis. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS-) version 24 software was used in the analysis. Tables are used to present the data. Inferential statistics such as regression analysis was applied to determine the relative importance of each of the five variables with respect to employee turnover. Based on the data analysis the following findings were recorded. The main finding indicated that dissatisfaction with job, compensation, management& employee relation, workload, career development were some of the factors for employee turnover. The finding also indicated the following effects of turnover including loss of experienced and skilled employees, higher recruitment costs, and higher workload due to leavers. Recommendations is forwarded based on the findings so that managers revise salary and benefit packages, provide training and promotion opportunity, to keep the employee satisfied on their job and retained in the organization.



Employee turnover, Job satisfaction, Compensation