The Effect Of Organizational Culture On Employee Performance The Case Of John Snow Incorporated (Jsi) Research And Training Institute, Inc

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Addis Ababa University


This research paper discussed the effect of organizational culture on employees’ performance in case of JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc., one of the international non-government organizations, Ethiopia. It views organizational culture as the pattern of values, norms, beliefs, attitudes and assumptions that may not have been articulated but shape the ways in which people behave and get things done. The aim of this study is to assess and examine the effect of organizational culture on employee performance in John Snow (JSI) Research and Training Institute, Inc. The conceptual framework is designed, taking organizational culture as independent variables and employee performance as dependent variable. The thesis adopts explanatory research with quantitative research approach. The organizational culture questionnaire was adopted from Denison (1990) and the employee performance questionnaire was adopted from Onyango (2014).Prior pilot test was conducted and validity and reliability of the questionnaire was determined before data collection. The study took 120 target population with response rate of 105 respondents. Both inferential and descriptive analysis are used to see the relationship and effect of independent variables on dependent variable. Based on the analysis, there is a positive and significant relationship between the three variables of organizational culture (mission, consistency and involvement culture) and employee performance. Based on the research findings and research conclusions, major recommendations were offered for possible consideration by JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc. which are mostly related to capability development, performance management system and coordination and integration



Organizational culture, Employee performance