Diagnosis and Modeling of Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing Industries

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Addis Ababa University


The intent of this empirical research is to identify the critical factors that are potentially fatal to productivity improvement in Ethiopian textile industries and to analyze these factors. The Ethiopia government is now adopting policy measures that support productivity of the textile sector. But there is strong competition on the international market for textile and garment products, which are an important part of world trade. This was the imperative stand to carry out this study. The aim of the research is enhancing the productivity of textile sector after analyzing the productivity affecting factors. These study focuses on some selected textile companies in Addis Ababa and Oromia region which are representatives of the textile sector found in the country and based on the study productivity affecting factors were identified. According to the respondents the major problems are shortage of raw material, low labor productivity, absence of strong maintenance policy, low capacity utilization etc. And based on this a productivity improvement model which comprises technology based technique, material based technique, employee based technique and product based technique were developed. At the end of this study conclusion and recommendations are made on the basis of the problems faced in textile sectors.



Manufacturing Industries, Productivity Improvement, Diagnosis, Modeling