A Study on Teachers' Utlllzatlon of Instructional Games as Active Learning Strategy in Some Second Cycle Primary Schools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of the study was to investigate how teachers were using instructional games as active learning strategy in three selected second cycle elementary schools in Addis Ababa. To put this into effect descriptive survey research method was employed. Accordingly a total of 219 respondents participated as source of data. 172 students, 42 teachers and 5 principals were selected from the three schools. The data were drawn from questionnaire, classroom observation, and interview. The data gathered through questionnaire were analyzed using percentages. Oescriptive narratives were used for the qualitative data which was gathered through open ended questions, interview and classroom observation. The study has found out a number of factors that can reveal the state of utilization of instructional games in the schools under study. One among these was the frequency games were applied as active learning strategy was found to be low. In addition to the infrequent use of game teachers ' application was found to be of low quality. Further more, less experienced teachers were found in a better position regarding application of instructional games. This was mainly attributed to insufficient training of teachers, large class size and the time consuming nature of instructional games. The result of the study has also showed that teachers use games as motivators with high emphasis given to competitive types of games. In addition, teachers' perception of games as teaching tools beyond motivation was found to be unsatisfactory. However, the study revealed that teachers and students have positive attitude towards instructional games. Based on the findings and the conclusions drawn, related recommendations regarding improvement of application of games as active learning strategy were forwarded. The major one is related to teacher training. As teachers teach the way they are taught, the teacher training program should be geared towards this need.



The aim of the study was to investigate how teachers, were using instructional games