In partial fulfillmento f the requirements for the degree of master of arts in management of farketing education

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Addis Ababa Universty


These days most service organizations are realizing the significance of customer centered philosophies. One of the key challenges for them is how they manage service quality, which holds a great importance for customer satisfaction. The purpose of this research was to identify the gap between customers' expectations and their actual perception of the service performance of Alpha University College, College of Distance Studies thereby measuring the gap between these elements in order to identify the level of the service quality. A questionnaire for this investigation is addressed to a sample population of 31180 and sample size of 380. Out of the 380 questionnaires distributed, 320 of them were returned which resulted in a response rate of 84.2% which was administered in 6 branches with relatively larger number of clients (learners). The sampling procedure used was a nonprobability and adopted purposive stratified sampling technique. The measurements used were based on the widely accepted SERVQUAL model. A descriptive statistical analysis (mean and percentage) was used to see the gap between clients actual perceptions and their expectations. The data were analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative method. A computer data storage program, the Spss was employed for the quantitative data and a critical analysis was made to refine the qualitative ones. Conclusion with remarks was shown that customers' perceptions were consistently lower than their expectations especially in the empathy dimension. The most important focal point for competitive advantage is shown in the responsiveness dimension. Recommendations were forwarded in the areas of employee empowerment, provision of guidance and counseling for distance learners; creating efficient distribution system; establishment of sound record management system; and the need for a continuous market research to improve service quality and to measure and evaluate clients perceptions towards the level of service quality of the institution.



Marketing (Education)