The dominant contributing factors to child sexual abuse in addis ababa

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Addis Ababa Universty


Even Though Child Sexual Abuse Has Been Neglected In Most Part Of The World For Decades, Curtently, It Is Becoming One Of The Tragic And Global Hot Issues. It Has An Adverse Impact On The Physical, Psychological, And Social Development Of The Children. Therefore, The Pu7pose Of This Paper LS To Examine The Dominant Contributing Factors For Child Sexual Abuse And To Recommend Strategies That Minimize The Prevalence Of The Problem. Both Quantitative And Qualitative Data Were Collected Through Questionnaire, Document Analysis, And Interview With 164 Sexually Abused Children And 7 Counselors/Social Workers/ Of The Selected Governmental And Non- Governmental Organizations In Addis Ababa. Results Indicated That Lack Of Internal Inhibitions, Lack Of Resistance, And Lack Of External Inhibitions, Motivational Factors, And Environmental Factors Are The Dominant Factors For Child Sexual Abuse. Moreover, Major Characteristic Features (Age, Sex, Level Of Education, Relationship, And Living Status) Of The Abusee And The Abusers Were Analyzed. Finally, Results Were Explained And Preventive Strategies For Actions Recommended.



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