The Situation of public and Private early childhood education in Bonga Town: a comparative analysis

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Addis Ababa Universty


The objective of this study was to explore and describe the situation of early childhood education in both settings such as Public and Private Preschools. The basic questions were: - Do teachers have necessary qualifications? ; What is the content of the curriculum? ; Do preschools have adequate spaces and play grounds for indoor and outdoor plays? Etc. The concurrent mixed research design was employed for the study method. Questionnaire, structured interview and observation rating scale tools were employed for data collection. The available sampling was used to select teachers and simple random sampling was employed which is lottery method for parents. Purposive sampling method was also used to select educational administrators. The collected data was analyzed both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The quantitative data analyzed by using descriptive statistics that is percentage. The findings of this study were majority of preschool teachers in public setting had no specialized training in early childhood education, majority of public preschool settings have no appropriate play ground and material provision and etc. Therefore, the implication of these findings are quite crucial and timely for the Bonga Town Education office particularly, and Kafa Zone Education office generally. The outcome of this study was to raises awareness of the community, parents, teachers and educational administrators in Bonga Town particularly and Kafa Zone generally



Early childhood education