Practices and Challenges of Inclusive Education in Two Selected Government Secondary Schools of Sheger City Administration Sebeta sub-city

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Addis Ababa University


Inclusive education is a system of education that provides all learners, including those with disabilities the equitable opportunities to receive effective education with the required support services brought to them. The study aimed to investigate how inclusive education is practiced and its challenges in two selected secondary schools of Sebeta sub-city. To succeed in the objective of the study, it considered sixteen students from grade nine and grade elevens, two secondary schools principals, one secondary school supervisor, ten classroom teachers, and two special needs educators at Sheger city administration Sebeta sub-city in the academic year of 2022/23 were purposefully selected. The design for the study was a case study type guided by four research questions. Data was collected through interviews, focus group discussion, observation, and document review. Data obtained from different sources were analyzed using qualitative methods, and as needed the study showed, there was a good beginning in the practice of inclusive education. But, inadequate service given by stakeholders and a lack of attention to students with special educational needs were raised. Under school Strategies to support and promote inclusive education raised by respondents, making strong school administration, creating conducive learning surrounding, Capacity building training for school administration, teachers, and community. Make the classroom more inclusive and promote collaboration between students. Students with special educational needs were not given attention by their teachers and some teachers do not appreciate the differences. Lack of sufficient learning and assistive materials, disorganized and insufficient resource room needed attention. To solve the above problems recommendation were given. Oromia education bureau and schools need attention to consolidating sufficient budget to enhance the participation of SWD in the schools. School administration should provide strong leadership and need to fill the shortage of any important facilities. Oromia education bureau, Sebeta sub-city education office, and the schools need to give attention to the regular activity of mobilization programs about inclusive education practice campaigns. Most teachers and principals are not fully equipped to teach SWD and manage in schools. So, schools need to give a great emphasis giving on job training to enhance attitude and perception among SWD in the practice of inclusive.



Practices and Challenges of Inclusive Education