Chemical Transport Reaction of the Compounds Smse and Smte Using Iodine as A Transport Agent

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Addis Ababa Universty


Chemical transport reaction in a temperature gradient is used to grow single crystals of SmSe and SmTe in a closed tube using a one side open tubular furnace built by us . Chemical transport of these two compounds is achieved using iodine as a transport agent. The optimum operating conditions which are basically predicted by thermodynamics and as positively observed by experiment are Ts = 668 °K and Td = 475 °K for the system SmSe / 1, and Ts = 717 °K and Td - 503 °K for the System SmTe / 1, . Better transport rate is observed for the system SmTe / 12 . However , the sizes of the crystals grown in both cases are relatively small owing to the relatively shorter time that the reactors stayed in the furnace. As one of the prime objectives of chemical transport reaction is separation of the compound of interest from other impurities that is cleaning , this i



Compounds Smse and Smte