Early Childhood Education: Parental Perceptions of Government Private and Faith- Based Preschools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Parental perceptions play pivotal rule for preschool children education. The purpose of this research was to investigate about preschool education: parental perceptions of government, private and faith- based preschools in Addis Ababa. Based on the purpose of the study, perceived reasons of parents for sending their children to preschools, the perceived benefit of preschool, how parents evaluate the curriculum their children learn and parents of preschooler involved in the preschool setting assessed. To this end, qualitative method was used for the study. Data were gathered from 9 preschool parents. The instrument used was semi- structured interview. The data gathered through in depth- interview transcribed and analyzed. The findings of the study showed that parents perceived to send their children to preschools develop children cognitive ability and prepare them for formal schooling, secondly, parent perceived the benefit of preschool in order to get social development, develop language skill and health and safe environment; thirdly, parent perceived the lesson their children attend in preschools, language and math activities included in the curriculum more preferable; finally parent perceived the involvement of them to preschool education to follow up their children daily activities and involved preschool committee member. Also based on the findings some suggestions have been recommended



Early Childhood Education