The Impacts of Farmers Training Centers in Enhancing the Livelihoods of Rural Farmers; The Case of Kutcha Wereda, Snnp Regional States

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was to investigate the impacts of FTCs in enhancing the livelihood of Kutcha wereda farmers in the use of modern technologies, improved seeds, saving and becoming a member of cooperative, keeping their health and hygiene and in the change of their attitude. Descriptive survey method was used in the study. In this study quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection were employed. Both primary and secondary data sources were used. The samples were selected using stratified random sampling method. The techniques of data collection for the study were focus group discussion which was prepared for farmers found in three selected FTCs in the Woreda. The questionnaires were distributed for trained farmers, Development agents, and kebele Administrators. Interview was used to collect data from subject matter specialists (SMSs) and wereda Finance and economic development office. The result of the study showed that the training provided in FTCs helped the farmers to enhance their livelihood by changing their attitude, enabled them to use modern technologies to increase productivity, keep their health and hygiene, for saving, and engaging in cooperatives. In the farmers training centers participation of women is very low. There is lack of some materials in FTCs to learn best practices and shortage of experimental places. Based on the above findings and conclusions the following recommendations are forwarded. To achieve the objectives of enhancing the livelihood of farmers effectively the training should be supported by practice and there is a need to assign adequate number of DAs. The FTC training access should consider gender equality. Awareness creation has to be made for the farmers about the relevance and effectiveness of farmers training at FTCs in different aspects to participate more farmers result to enhance their livelihoods. Key words: Farmer Training Centers, Livelihood, Enhancement.



Farmer Training Centers, Livelihood, Enhancement