Study of Magnetization and Specific heat Capacity of Multiferroic two Dimensional Thin Film

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Addis Ababa University


In the rst chapter of this work contain the introduction, de ntion and orgin of multiferroics. Second and thrid chapters include the formulation of Heisen- berg Model , variation of dispresion, magnetization, speci c heat capacity and the fourth chapter contains the conclusion. Generally, multiferroics are novel classes of materials that exhibit cross-coupling of mutually excluding phenomena, i.e. magnetism and ferroelectricity. In recent years, the coexistence of ferroelectricity and magnetic orderings has drawn con- siderable attentions due to the promising applications to these days technology. The microscopic origins of magnetism and ferroelectricity di er fundamentally, while the real mechanism of ferroelectricity is still under debate. In the present work, we have started from a simple Heisenberg hamiltonian and an interaction term resulting from electric eld coupling with the magnetic spins with anisotropic energy, and have demonstrated that magnetization can be manipulated with elec- tric eld. In the multiferroic thin lm system the magnetic eld tends to play a role in stabilizing the spins in preferred orientations and induces a coupling of magnetism and ferroelectricity that opens a route to switch magnetization with electric polarazation



Study of Magnetization and Specific heat Capacity