Practices and Problems of Human Resource Training and Development of Administrative Employees at Addis Ababa University

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to assess the practices that have been carried out at Addis Ababa University in training and development of its administrative employees for the past jive years, and investigate factors constraining such programs. Descriptive research method was employed in this research. Questionnaire, interview and documents analysis were used as data collecting instruments. Data were collected Ji'om j 98 randomly selected permanent administrative employees Ji'om jive campuses (faculties) and the head office. To get sulJicient data, director of human resource management and training and developrnent department head were also interviewed. The data gathered were analyzed using percentages and inferential statistics chi-square and t-test. The jindings o.f the stu(6' revealed that the university did not give any allention to /raining and development of its adminis/rative employees. According /0 the jindings of the study, there were no training need assessment practices at AA U. Besides, the objectives of training and development were not achieved, the training program was not led by proper planning, absence of training Clnd development experts, absence uf tJ'{fining and developmen/ planning, absence of training and development pulicy, less allocation of training budget, less allention/o training facili ties, absence o{/rained /rainers, were the major canst mints of /J'{fining and development at AA U. From the j indings revealed, the study concluded that the proper training and development programs were 170t designed and implemel1led a/ AA U to deliver proper service for its customers. lJased on these jindings, the stu(6' recommended that AAU should give allention for training of its adminis/mtive employees. The trainee selection shuuld be clear alJd tm175jHI/'ent on the basis of the training need assessment. TJ'{fining need assessmen/ should be practiced to deliver proper training and development program. 1'he appropriate tmining and developll1entll1ethod should be selected in line with the necessmy resources. contents and skills 0/ tminees. The collaborative plan of head olJice and faculties should set budget allocation for the intended program, evaluation of the training und development progJ'{fms should be exercised/or the realization of the iutended uhfe"'ives of /mining and development



Problems of Human Resource Training and Development of Administrative Employees