A Comprehensive Study at Some Selected Organizations Providing Professional Counseling Services in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study represents an investigation of practitioner counselors' competence of multicultural counseling. To achieve the purpose of the study, 90 counselors were purposely selected from an indentified 20 organizations that provided professional counseling to diverse clients in Addis Ababa city. Questionnaires, one to measure the multicultural counseling competence of counselors and the other to measure the extent of social desirable responses in the data, were administrated to the counselors. Results revealed that most of the counselors did not further their education in counseling specialty, had never taken a multicultural counseling course, had never attended workshops on multicultural counseling, had not received multicultural supervision, and did not participate in researches with multicultural issues. The general result from the MCI indicates that most of the counselors have an average score in both the total and sub scale items while detail description of counselors' scores in each sub scale is provided by percentage analysis. With regard to the social desirable nature of the responses, the results indicate that there is no significance relationship between the MCI and MCSDS-S.



Selected Organizations Providing Professional Counseling Services