Pedagogy In Private Higher Education of Ethiopia: The Case of Rift V Alley University College

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Addis Ababauniversity


The study was conducted with the objective of exploring how teachers and students understand teaching and learning. The study further examined teachers' and students' motivation in the pedagogical processes and how they perceive quality education. To achieve these objectives, data were collected from Rift Valley University College teachers and students by using in-depth interviews, participant observations and document analysis. The participants were purposely selected based on their cooperativeness and experiences in the institution. Nineteen participants (11 students and eight teachers) were interviewed using open-ended and semi-structured questions during the conversation process. The data were presented in narrative forms based on the participants understanding and interpretations in addition to my own reflective analysis. The study revealed that the conception of teaching/learning and quality pedagogy possessed by academics and students vary. Though there were limited attempts of facilitating nature of teaching and learning-pedagogy, teaching appeared to be noninteractive or transmission of information while learning was considered to accept it. As a result the teaching and learning process suffers from reflective and critical-thinking. Students w"re found to be passive and ill motivated in the learning process while teachers were highly engaged in delivering the contents. Both teachers and students perceive quality pedagogy from its outcome aspect than the process being in unmotivated and un interactive situations that shade dark light on the quality of output. Thus instead of meager adoption of different perspectives of pedagogic approaches to pass through the system of higher education with out addressing the encouragement of reflective thinking, academics need to emphasize on the process of teaching and learning in an interactive and motivated manner through facilitating students' understanding and knowledge construction to produce quality education



Case of Rift V Alley University College