Investigation of Back Slope Failure a Case Study Along Winget to Asco Addis Sefer (Specific Area In Side Old Brick Factory

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis presents investigation of backslope failure in Asco 40-60 condominium ongoing construction specific area called old brick factory. By visiting and observing the slope frequently it has been observed that the failure occurred during rainy seasons, so to know the parameters during this time back slope analysis of using different slice methods by successive iteration are used to estimate the angle of internal friction of soil during rainy season. Three methods of analysis (modified Fellenius, simplified Bishop, Janbu simplified in actual failure surface and Janbu simplified by assuming the failure is circular) have been used to estimate the shear strength parameters. From these analysis the result obtained by simplified Bishop Method (Ø´ =7.20º) is used for designing remedial measures, or during failure angle of soil friction was (Ø ´ =7.20º). Finally the study led to the conclusion that the landslides in this particular area are triggered by rising ground water table in the rainy season and surcharge load (vehicles).The rising of ground water table is due to infiltration of surface runoff. Therefore, controlling of the infiltration processes and surcharge load using different remedial technique can minimize the sliding problem.



Civil Engineering