Solar/Grid Hybrid Power Optimization Using Fuzzy Logic for Light Rail Trains in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The idea of powering railway locomotives using green energy is one that could, theoretically, reduce or save power from grid supply in Ethiopian railway sector. Solar Energy is one method of conserving energy in rails and regenerative breaking other method. We can also combine the two for maximum optimization. In this thesis is to assess the technical feasibility of employing solar power combined with grid supply in Addis Ababa light railway vehicle that could reduce consumption of power from gird supply. This is meant to serve as reference to future work regarding the cost-benefit analysis that employs this power source option. This thesis presents a design of grid-solar hybrid system for powering auxiliary system of Addis Ababa Light Train. The power management system consists of a PV and auxiliary power box of the train of the LRT powered by grid (pantograph) to replace or use solar panels on the roof of the train to reduce power consumption, considering variation in the load and solar radiation. The proposed system aimed to minimize the power drawn from the grid and operate the PV within a specific power range and also maximum power point tracker will be used in order to get the best out of PV. It provides theoretical studies of photovoltaic systems and modeling techniques using equivalent electric circuits. As the system employs the maximum power point tracker (MPPT), it is consisting of MPPT algorithms, control methods and MATLAB simulations verify the DC-DC converter design. The power management involves the control of power where a proportional and Fuzzy based integral (PI) controller is used. A fuzzy logic controller is also developed to generate appropriate control parameters. MATLAB modeling and simulation of the whole system will be done and result wil be discussed.



Hybrid Power, Fuzzy Logic, Light Rail Trains in Addis Ababa, Solar/Grid