The Perception of the Practices Rehabilitating Juvenile Delinquents: the Case of Lideta Juvenile Delinquents Correctional Institution

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Addis Ababa University


This study focuses on young delinquents with maladjusted behavior and tries to assess the process of their rehabilitation in a correctional center in the sub city of Lideta, Addis Ataba. The population of delinquents chosen for the study are 58, currently undergoing rehabilitation therapy at the center. Instruments employed for data collection are questionnaires, administered to 58 individuals. This comprises the main source of the data. Interviews with 3 workers of the center and 3 parents of the children, case studies of three children, group discussion and observation by the researcher were also used. Investigation of the life of the young delinquents before coming in conflict with the law shows a clear similarity between the participants in regard to level of income of the parent~ and low level of formal education of families who can only read or write .Moreover, they have very often gone through ordeals of harsh and unfair treatment by their own parents or care takers. The information gathered from delinquents, workers and parents show that there has been improvement in the behavior of the children. The parents' assessment of their children was on approximately 50% success rate. All three workers likewise rated the achievement of the children as positive. What is very remarkable about the performance of the center is that, in spite of serious deficiencies like disproportionately small number of unqualified workers, inadequate educational facilities and workshops not fully equipped for their purpose and shortage of financial resources, . it has been able to emerge with positive results. In view of the above, it not difficult to predict a much higher rate of success if the barriers were lifted



The Case of Lideta Juvenile Delinquents Correctional Ins titution