A Study of Magnetization and Specific Heat in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Quantum Well

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Addis Ababa University


Semiconductor devices that exploit spin as well as charge would operate faster than conventional microelectronic devices and would offer new functionality.The main challenge in building such device is transporting spin-polarized electrons efficiently into and out of the semiconductor region of the device. In the first parts of this thesis, we reviewed the possible magnetic interaction in the bulk diluted magnetic semiconductors. At the last part of the thesis the effect of the small wave vector gapless Goldstone mode of spin excitation on the temperature dependence of the magnetization is discussed for 3D and 2D Mn spin configuration for modulation doped DMSs quantum well. In the 3D case the magnetization decreases as power of three by four (T 3 4 ) with temperature and for the 2D configuration it decreases as a power of half (T 1 2 ) with temperature. The specific heat of the Mn-spin system increases as a power of three by four and by half for 3D and 2D configurations respectively



Semiconductors Quantum Well