Causes and Consequences of Trainers Turnover in Some Selected Government Owned TVET College in Addis Ababa

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The main purpose of this study is to access the cause and consequences of trainer turnover in some selected government owned TVET Colleges of Addis Ababa. The method used to gather data was destructive survey method. The data collecting instruments utilized were questionnaires, interviews and do cumentary analysis. Questionnaire of the same type was prepared, one for existing trainers and the other for ex-trainers. In addition to this interviews were conducted to Deans and adm inistrators of the TVET College. turnover questionnaire S To elicit the cause and consequence of were distributed to 174 existing trainers which are 30% of the total population and 35 ex-trainers of TVET College. The sampling technique employed to select the existing trainer respondents was stratified sampling, to select main departments and random sampling was used to select from strata each II/ain department. Regarding ex- trainers available sampling was used. In relation to the deans and administers of the college purposive sampling were used. In analyzing Data Percentage method was applied. Accordingly, the research finding shows that the main cause of turnover in the order of severity are: poor managerial activity,dissatisfaction with [lay and benefit, lim ited opporilinily fo r advancement, lack of training and de velopment and dissalisjaclion wilh working condition. Furlhermore Ihis research discloses Ihal Ihe college still up to now do not use exil interview. Depending on the findings of the research study were for warded on Ihe possible ways by which the college must del ermine Ihe extent and Ihe causes why the trainers leave Ih e college Ihrough exit interview. And this lurnover needs 10 be examined and 1Il0nilOred since il involves Ihe most il1lporlanl resource of Ihe college and it has adverse effectupon lhe qualily of training.