Factors Affecting Adultlearners Dropout From Non-Formalbasic Education In Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa Universty


The main purpose of this study was to identify the major factors affecting adult learners' dropout fro m Non-Formal Basic Education and to suggest constructive ideas that would help to minimize the dropout of adult learners from Non- Formal Basic education . To the end, both quantitative and qualitative methods were employed. Simple random sampling technique was used to select Five out of Ten sub-city education departments, Five Non-Formal Basic Education representatives from SCEDs, thirteen school principals where Non-Formal Basic Education was provided, 32facilitators from the (13) NFBE centers and four school cluster supervisors and 12 adult learners were used as a source of data. The inf01mation gathered from the respondents was analyzed by using such statistical tools like frequency counting, percentage, and Chi-square tests. The results of data analysis showed that there were in-school and out- ojschool related factors for adult learners' dropout from NFBE. In the case of In-school factors for adult learners' dropout were shortage of stationary materials, textbooks, facilitators' inappropriate approach, school distance, etc. Out of school factors were mainly economical problems. Finally, conclusions were drawn and certain recommendations were made in order to minimize adult learners' dropout from NFBE.