Prevalence of Nurses Burnout and its Determinant Factors in Public Hospitals, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Burnout is an important problem in health care professionals and nurses are more exposed to professional burnout due to their exposure to physical, mental, and emotional stressors, which can lead to numerous complications in their personal, social, and organizational life , which is a decrease in occupational well-being and an increase in absenteeism, turnover and illness. \ Objectives - to find out the prevalence of nurse’s burnout and to identify its determinant factors in public hospital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Methodology - A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted using structured self- administered questionnaire in different department and with nurses working in 6 (six) public hospitals in Addis Ababa Results: A total of 502 questionnaires were distributed with response rate of 88%, which totals 440 participants. Were included in this study. 241 (54.8%) suffered from professional burnout based on its definition. Among the study participants 271(61.6%) ,114(25.9%) ,55(12.5%) were Emotional Exhaustion( EE) high , moderate ,low respectively .on the other hand the scale of Depersonalization( DP) of nurses were 169 (38.4%), 146(33.2%),125(28.4%) high ,moderate and low respectively .the scale of personal accomplishment( PA) were 74(16.8%),129(29.3%).237(53.9%) ,high ,moderate, low respectively . Individual factors such as demographic variables, sex, health problem (backache) has association with burnout. Work related factors such as work area, service year and organizational factors employment sector (public hospitals) were also found to be determinants of burnout in this population. Conclusions -Burnout rates high in- emergency unit, Gender, services area, service year, current work satisfaction, , health problem are determinants of burnout, as well as organizational variables. Recommendation –Independent variables which are significant association with burnout Gender-;males, work area- ICU ,Service years-11-15, Job satisfaction, health problem are significantly associated with nurses burnout .So public hospitals administrations and the Federal ministry of health has to plan on coping strategies to prevent burnout.



Nurses Burnout, Determinant Factors