Assessment of Kaizen Implementation and Challenges Toward Sustainability (In case of Hibret Manufacturing and Machine Building Industry)

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Kaizen is originated from Japan to be applied in the improvement of productivity, quality, efficiency and also it is way of thinking, working (performing), fixing in the attitude and value of organization. As Ethiopian government proclaimed kaizen is a tool of change and focused in some 30 organization beginning to apply. But not much has been done on assessing implementation and challenges toward sustainability of kaizen in HMMBI. The purpose of this paper is to examine current status of kaizen implementation, challenges, and sustainability towards implementation of kaizen. In addition to this, the study focused on identifying the factors affecting, analyzing the achievements, challenges and opportunities of kaizen implementation. To achieve the above objectives descriptive research design was selected and used to gathered primary and secondary data. The selected sample was purposive sampling method; primary data were collected from survey questionnaire, in depth interview and self – observation technique. Secondary data were collected from different published and unpublished documents. The respondent from different department of the factories have been involved for the questionnaires whereas interview were made with kaizen steering committees and observation is done by the help of kaizen promotion officers and the researcher has made deep industrial visit. The data gathered through questionnaires revealed that kaizen implementation in HMMBI is not sustained because of lack of employee and management commitment, lack of training system, lack of management encouragement, less management and employee involvement and lack of active participation. So in order to sustain kaizen implementation, carrying out continuous process practice is necessary for management personals and workers. Therefore, the sustainability of kaizen implementation needs continuous follow up process which includes: strategical planning, performance measurement, and knowledge and change management.



Kaizen Implementation, Hibret Manufacturing and Machine Building Industry, Sustainability