Medical Data Access with A PDA-Based Client

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Addis Ababa University


In countries like Ethiopia, there is a very high shortage of medical specialists and doctors. This is a big problem that affects the quality of health care to patients. Due to inadequate treatment and guidance, which is caused by not effectively accessing medical specialists, a patient may suffer tremendously to the extent of losing life. A solution to this problem is to effectively utilize the existing or the available professionals by using modern technologies and by allowing professionals to have adequate access to patient data. An enabling technology in this respect is for example mobile access to patient medical data. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) offer the medical specialists the ability to access the medical data from remote site. PDA-based client systems have already been implemented for medical application purpose in different places. These systems allow the medical specialists to access medical data from anywhere, and at anytime to give better treatment and guidance to patients. But these systems are not accessible to external users. In this project, we propose PDA-based client to access medical data from anywhere possible as wireless infrastructure may allow. In this work, we explored the tools and technologies available for this purpose and developed a prototype for a PDA-Based client to access medical data from remote sites. We tested the prototype with palm operating system Emulator (POSE). The prototype enables a medical specialist to access the medical data of a patient so that he can give better treatment and guidance. We believe that this approach will tap the problem of the medical professionals shortage in Ethiopia. Keywords: Mobile Medical Data Access, PDA-based Client, MAMI, POSE



Mobile Medical Data Access;PDA-Based Client; MAMI, POSE