Ion Transfer Across Membrane Stabilized Liquid Liquid Interface. Application to Enzymatic Determination of Urea

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Addis Ababa Universty


Ion transfer across the membrane-stabilized water/nitrobenzene interface has been investigated. The response behavior of the sensor has been studied employing different hydrophilic dialysis membranes and membrane filters. The influence of the membrane on the transfer of different cations and anions was investigated. Theoretical equations have been obtained for current step excitation and were compared with experimental results. The influence of supporting electrolyte concentration in the aqueous phase has been also investigated and it was observed that as the concentration of supporting electrolyte increases the diffusion through the membrane became faster. The diffusion coefficients evaluated by employing different membrane materials were in the order of 10.6 and 107 Cm' Is. The results obtained indicate higher diffusion coefficients for cations over anions.



Ion transfer across the membrane-stabilized Liquid