Design and Development of a Web Based Client Complaint Management System for St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Ethiopia is a country with a low-income and an overall limited budget. Despite the recent impressive changes in access to health services and improvement in health outcome, the health sector still suffers from the existence of inequality, poor quality of health service and a high burden of communicable and non-communicable disease. The country has a three-tier healthcare services’ delivery system and St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC) is one of the third level specialized hospitals in the country. Using client complaint management to improve client satisfaction and quality of services is a rare practice at the hospital and in Ethiopia in general. Objective: The main objective of the project is to design, develop and test a web-based complaint management system for SPHMMC. Methodology: The study was conducted in Addis Ababa, Gulele sub city, at Saint Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College. It used qualitative case study to gather requirements regarding the proposed system. The participants of the study included clients and employees of Saint Paul Hospital. They were selected using purposive sampling technique. The sample size was 30. That is, 25 for requirement collection plus 5 for system evaluation studies. Object oriented methodology, with incremental and iterative designing cycles, was used as a tool to design and develop the complaint management system. After development, the proposed system was evaluated using a user acceptance test. Result: The project produced a web-based Client Complaint Management system (prototype) for the SPHMMC Hospital. The system uses the local language Amharic, in addition to English, to improve system usability. Conclusion: The complaint management system has been designed and developed to adequately meet the main objective of this project, which is producing a tool to improve client complaint management. The system was found to be useful, easy to use and not unnecessarily complex.



Development of a Web Based, Client Complaint Management System