Evaluation of Primary School Textbooks In Oromia Region

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Addis Ababauniversity


The essential and defining characteristics of textbooks are that they are designed for students as written guides to the subject contents of a course of a study. The basic task of a text is the presentation of data from the subject field, facts, description ... etc. Textbook sets forth relationships in the organization of knowledge in varying range and depth depending upon the competence and maturity of the students. Textbook in contrast to other kinds of books contains exercises, study questions and other materials for practice. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the quality of primary school textbooks of core subjects in Oromia Region, which have been prepared since 1995 based on the New Education and Training Policy o~ Content Analysis was used as the research method. By using stratified and random sample technique, 6 (14%) textbooks were selected. These six textbooks were selected by sub grouping them into five (Languages, Mathematics, Natural science, Social studies and Environmental science). The sample of unit depended on the nature of textbooks' quality category selected for this study. Accordingly, textbook as a whole was used for layout category, while for the categories of objective-content relation, quality of illustrations, learning exercises, readability and gender balance, 50 percent of each textbook chapters were randomly selected The coding u-nits also vary depending on the character of the categories. Accordingly, point size, of relation of objectives and contents, number of syllables and sentences, clarity of illustrations, type of exercises and gender features were coded and analyzed. An inter coder reliability index of 95 percent was agreed and achieved. Percentage and statistical test of T- test was used to analyze the difference between the variables, particularly differences between objectives and contents as well as gender difference. The result showed that textbooks are inadequate in layout, some contents are not in harmony with objectives in the corresponding syllabus; the readability level of the textbooks is not appropriate to the corresponding grade level; the illustrations are related to the topics, but are not clear; and the textbooks portrayed gender bias, and this favored male. Hence, it is recommendable that there should be textbook policy both at National and Regional level, which determines the standard and procedures of textbook preparation and evaluation. At the same time, the Regional Education Bureau has to revise the existing primary school textbooks in line with the inadequacies observed in this study. Similarly, a thorough study has to be conducted on the other aspects of textbook quality



Evaluation of Primary School