An Assessment of Land Valuation and Compensation: in Amhara Regional State Dejen Town

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This study aimed at the assessment of the amount of compensation for pre urban land taken for residential housing development; the case of Dejen Town. In the study, the research method used to carry out this study was both descriptive and explanatory methods. Descriptive method is used to describe the amount of compensation, expropriation ,and valuation took place, how the compensation is calculated, by whom are valuation performed, which components of compensation was considered, what losses and damages do the affected people lost, whereas the explanatory method was used to gather qualitative information and to interpret it. In addition to this sampling techniques applied was both probabilistic and non-probability techniques to identify the samples required for it. The sample size for the study was 98 households, and 9 were from different organizations. In order to collect relevant information for the study both primary and secondary data were collected from systematic randomly sampling selected from Dejen town households, purposefully selected and key informants from government officials, and experts from a study population on purposive bases. The collected data were edited, refined and entered into the computer and finally analyzed using Microsoft excel and SPSS computer software’s. Based on the findings, all of land in Dejen town has low implementation of amount of valuation techniques, expropriation and compensation procedures. The implementation of the rules and regulation on the ground very weak in terms of the valuation techniques, expropriation and compensation procedures for the adequate and fair amount compensation, participation by the affected people during the valuation processes, time manner of appropriate land and property values in the area, amount of valuation methods procedures, and basis of amount valuation and compensation. Accordingly; the study recommended that the government should have be follow up the valuation techniques, expropriation and compensation procedures, also revised the rules and regulations the various levels of government structures so that expropriation and compensation procedure can be implemented as per the provision of the constitution and the relevant laws.



Expropriation, valuation, market value, pre- urban land, compensation