Factors That Influence Female Teachers' Involvement in Action Research: The Case of Lafto Primary School, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The mam objective of this study was to examine "Factors that influence Female Teachers' Participation in Action Research at Lafto Government Primary School." In order to understand the participation of female teachers in research activities, qualitative data was generated through purposively selected. Two professional experts at Education Bureau, ten female teachers', two • school administrators and two unit leaders who are more responsible for the issues using semi - structured interviews informal conversation, and observations of action research analysis. Use of these methods served to triangulate the data. The data obtained through interview, informal conversation and focus group discussion were analyzed qualitatively using conceptualization, codining catagorizining and themes. The major finding indicated that lack of training, lack of moti ation \ ork load family responsibility, negative attitude of female teachers' and others are factors that influence the involvement of Lafto Government Primary School female teachers' to do action research. Due to these factors, female teachers' involvement in action research at Lafto Government Primary School was low. To overcome such factors various applicable motivational strategies were investigated like trainings, facilities, and incentives. It is hoped that these will assist female teachers' participation in action research activities at large



"Factors that influence Female Teachers