Early Childhood Care and Education Teachers’ Training Policy, Practice and Challenges in Ethiopia: the Case of Kotebe University College

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Addis Ababa University


This study aims at assessing the existing Policy, Practice and Challenges of Early Childhood Care and Education of Teachers Training in Ethiopia taking the Case of Kotebe University College. The research examined how the policy provisions have been understood and implemented on ECCE teachers training at KUC and, how the prevailing practices at the university college engaged to train pre-service ECCE professionals. Furthermore, it intended at identifying the major challenges encountered during the practices of training in the University College. To these ends, a mixed methods research approach was used by applying both purposive and available sampling techniques. The study used both primary and secondary sources. Data were obtained using in depth semistructured interviews from instructors and officials/experts from KUC, MoE and AAEB. Additionally questionnaires and FGD were used to collect data from regular candidates of2014(104) various related policy documents.(n = 104).The data gathered via questionnaires were analyzed using percentage and the outputs of the statistical reports were presented by tables and analyzed and interpreted accordingly with the support of the data obtained through interview and open-ended questions. As a result, study revealed that government /MoE and AAEB/ leadership and regulation in terms of supervision, accreditation to the training of ECCE teachers seems to be less than satisfactory. Teachers were rarely provided with the opportunity to develop their profession, teaching and learning resource or facilities seem to be in short supply lack of model school and candidates were admitted without interview or written examination and joined the program as they could not find other options. The candidates were deprived of the opportunity of getting dormitories, and meal services moreover pay tuition fee. The duration of the training are considered very short. Hence, the research concluded that ECCE teacher’s training at KUC lack the required quality. Consequently implications were forwarded. Key Words-Early Childhood Care and Education, Policy, practice and challenges



-Early Childhood Care ; Education; Policy ;practice and challenges