Localization of Open Source Content Management Software into Amharic Language

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Addis Ababa University


Open source software is attracting the attention of most developing countries for benefits it provide like software license cost minimization and free access of the source code for localization. The attempts to localize the open source software like OpenCMS content management system and Linux operating system in Ethiopia are some of the good examples. In this work a well known and most widely used open source web development tool called Joomla is localized into Amharic to make professional and non professional individuals who wants to develop a web site comfortable. The front and back end interfaces are translated in to Amharic and a virtual keyboard is designed to make Amharic text entry easier. To demonstrate the convenience of the translation package and the virtual keyboard for Amharic web content development, an application is selected and a web based e-commerce system is developed with Amharic interface. Key words: Content Management System (CMS), Localized Open Source Software, Joomla for Amharic content development, Virtual keyboard for Amharic text entry.



Content Management System (CMS); Localized Open Source Software; Joomla for Amharic Content Development; Virtual Keyboard for Amharic Text Entry